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What you Need to Know Before Going to Tibet


What you Need to Know Before Going to Tibet

The mysterious place Tibet has a separate attraction for the tourist. The place is liked by both the tourists and traders. Tibet has beautiful views, the tallest mountains, and Buddhist Monasteries. The place has also spiritual values.  There is huge migration that has been seen after the 1950 liberalism. There are so many activities that you can do while staying in Tibet. Starting from the wilderness of lonely summits to grunting yaks, prayer flags, and temples.

Time to Go to Tibet

 It is misunderstood that Tibet is snow land. Therefore, considering there are few tourists in the winter months. There is snow between the months of November to March and due to this many shops are closed. The weather is hot in summers but at high altitudes it is chilly. The atmosphere is wet during the time of July and August. From May to October, Chinese tourists visit the place. The best time to visit Tibet is Spring. Autumn is also a good choice because there are wonderful festivals during this time.

Accommodation and Getting Around in Tibet

In small towns and places like Lhasa, there is the facility of minibusses, taxis, and Pedicabs. In open areas, the availability of public transport is for everyone but in closed areas, it is restricted only to the locals. You can also hire your private driver and bus if you don’t want to use public transport. In Plateau, traveling through cycles and motorbikes are also available. Also, there is the availability of trains from Lanzhou to Lhasa. Keeping in mind the standards of the people, there is a wide range of hotels in Tibet. Depending upon your budget and requirement you can rent out the room or guest house. Similarly, every package is providing different types of facilities. Few hotels are pleasant while others are not up to mark. Camping is also possible if you have a low budget and could not bear the expenses of five-star hotels. There are few tips that will be helpful during staying in Tibet. Keep the first Aid kit and Toilet paper along with you. Also, keep tinned food and chocolates, etc.

Food and Drink in Tibet

We can never ignore the facility of Food and drink at any place. It is the basic need and if a place does not serve good food and beverages, then we will not like the place naturally. Depending upon the weather and landscape of Tibet, there are only a few types of crops. The cuisine is the most basic food there. Noodles and dumplings are famous in Tibet. Mutton, Yak, or Goat are made with spices. In many dishes, you will see the mustard seeds.  Desserts are also available that are stuffed with fruits and dry fruits. Normally, butter tea is served as a beverage in Tibet but alternatively, you can also ask for Jasmine Tea. There are only limited options of hotels that offer are international dishes for the people coming from outside the city. Moreover, due to high altitudes, many people have gone through altitude sickness. Therefore, it is advised not to drink alcohol. Also, avoid cigarette smoking and excessive or large meals. It is good to consult your doctor before going to such a place. There are chances of Traveler’s diarrhea, hepatitis, and other problems.

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