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4 Websites that Polish your Wit


4 Websites that Polish your Wit

A line from the novel of Virginia Woolf, “To the Lighthouse” says, “Something should be unexplored to be beautiful”. This line beautifully fits on the current age of the internet. The Internet is the knowledge of the sea to which we have access. All the information in the world is just one touch away from us but we do not benefit from it because of easy access to it. However, there are too many websites that are working for polishing the wits of people by charging a very meager amount or in free. In this article, we discuss a few websites with you that will be very fruitful for you.


Duolingo is one of the best websites that believe in free learning and provides a platform for unfortunate individuals who do not have access to quality education. This website and application are revered by many scholars across the globe and they also recommend this website. Duolingo is the best free platform that offers you to learn worldwide spoken languages like English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and many more. You can learn any of these languages in a matter of months depending upon the seriousness of effort you put. This website is always evolving and the team is trying its best to come up with the best techniques to teach their users.


Justin Guitar:

There are a lot of people out there who love to play guitar but it is very difficult to find a tutor and be present there every day to get classes. This issue can be resolved by only a single touch of your mobile. A website was launched by a boy named Justin. This boy helps the people in learning the skill of playing the guitar. There are hundreds of lessons of guitar on this website. You can learn any kind of style of guitar. The way this website teaches playing guitar is too easy to comprehend. This is the best opportunity for you to learn guitar if you wanted to learn it but did not have the resources or time to learn.

Justin Guitar

Cooking for Engineers:

Cooking for Engineer is the best cooking website as far as my opinion is concerned. This website was founded by an engineer Micheal Chu. This website is not a typical website that apprises the recipes of multiple food items rather it is focused on preparing sumptuous food. Moreover, the analytical approach of this website is unique and this will change your approach towards cooking food. You can learn novel recipes and styles from this website.

Cooking for Engineers

The Dating Specialist:

If you want to become a better dare, if your style is not liked by the girls, if you become a source of worry on your dates, you can visit this website. This website is amazing and full of advice which helps you in becoming a better date that is revered by girls. You can learn a lot from this website about relationship building and flirt. The founder of this website “Nick”, also offers exclusive classes for different situations. You can discuss with him your problems of a relationship and you would be helped by this website.

The Dating Specialist

Nerd Fitness:

Whenever you listen to the word “gym” or “exercise”, your mind suddenly goes toward bodybuilders and weight lifting. In this website, you get the knowledge of shaping your body as per the requirements and needs of nerds. There is a clear description of fitness tips that are required by the geek. Moreover, those who feel shy or uncomfortable at the gym can work out at their home easily.

Nerd Fitness

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