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Top 8 Beautiful Educational Institutions in the United States


Top 8 Beautiful Educational Institutions in the United States

Every student spent the most precious years of life in schools and colleges. The United States has beautiful educational places. In case you want to choose a beautiful place for studies then the US has the best places for you. During academic stress, every student surely needs a good sight or view to relax their mind. Wandering at beautiful places lowers the stress and gives you leisurely time. Here is a snapshot of few beautiful colleges in the United States.

Santa Cruz, University of California

Santa Cruz is not only famous for the practicality, but for its mesmerizing view. There are beautiful outdoor spaces. Great Meadow is a large open field that has redwood trees, caves, and other different wonders. Mima Mounds is a famous wonder in Santa Cruz.

Rice University

Rice University has a beautiful mastered architecture. The architecture is highly influenced by the Byzantine with pink brickwork, large archways, and columns. The building is very close to Many other museums in Houston. The aesthetic place catches the eye of the passerby. It is a great honor for the students who studied at Rice University.

Williams College

It is a small arts college in Williamstown. It is located in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains. The student loved to spend the time at their college. The view is breathtaking during autumns.  The tree changes the color during autumn and turned to yellow, oranges, and red. Students walk during the tree-lined path and relief the stress.

University of Virginia

The university is founded in 1819. The university is famous for the magnificent Jeffersonian architecture. The building is created as a reflection of the Pantheon in Rome but the size is half of the original building. The building is one of the several heritage buildings in the United States.

College of William and Mary

It is the second oldest college in Williamsburg. College is famous for the Georgian and Anglo-Dutch style. It is a great sign of Natural Beauty as it is surrounded by forest and Lake Matoaka. It is a beautiful blend of natural and magnificent beauty.

Kenyon College

The art college is famous for its beautiful sights. Kenyon College is located in Gambier. The aesthetic view and magnificent architecture charm the students. It is a beautiful place to sit and relax. Its beauty convinces the student to pursue their studies at Kenyon College. The college is surrounded by beautiful forests.

The University of South, Sewanee

It is a liberal art college in Sewanee. The college is spread at 13000 acres.  College is surrounded by natural Gothic architecture. Natural surroundings make it on the list of the top beautiful college in the United States.

Loyola Marymount University

The university is found in Los Angeles at the top of Del Rey Hill Bluffs. The architecture is made with a beautiful blend of Spanish and modern architecture. The laws are beautifully decorated with palm trees. The signs of art are dominated in the Loyola Marymount University.

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