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Tips to increase the Potential in yourself


Tips to increase the Potential in yourself

In a broad spectrum, I always say that everyone is creative but the problem is not everyone knows about it. They have minimum knowledge about their stronger sides and cannot extract the creativity found in themselves. A person can be creative based on new ideas or maybe mixing the old ideas with the new ones. The only thing that matters in that you have the potential of doing something. Some people are born creative and they have spark but it doesn’t mean others don’t have, Creativity is a process that others can learn and easily follow in their routine and they are capable to create new things. I am listing down a few tips that help you to be creative and by following these tips you feel positivity and creativity in yourself.

Get yourself in Trouble

To do something big you must get stuck in a bigger problem. In that state, you will think there is no solution to this problem left and you lose hope, and eventually, idea clicks in your mind. Frustration is necessary for doing something big. In different studies, it has been found that when we get in trouble a particular part of the brain starts working on it. The frustration is the booster to find the alternative method to solve the problem. Your brain works according to the scenario and the current situation. Trouble and difficulty is the best step in the process to bring productivity in yourself.

Stay Stick in finding Solution

We lose hope immediately. In the state of frustration and panic, the very first idea that comes in our mind is to quit and get yourself separated from this situation. This is a very sensitive time in the process of being creative. If you quit at this stage, then you will never be a successful human being. The perseverance, qualities, and passion matter a lot, and not a single successful person reach this level until they have strong patience and passion. Work hard for hours, days, and nights and your hard will pay off in the form of a solution and after the solution of a problem, you find yourself a creative person. Increase the quality of grit in yourself. Talent only works if you work hard. Without hard work and passion, talent is nothing.

Relax your Mind

Persistence is necessary for the work. Without focus and persistence, the task cannot be accomplished. But a lot of stress stops the brain. Take short breaks within your work-time to relax the brain. The break does not mean you will lose hope and strength to complete the task. Relax your mind and start working on your goals again. Studies show that a relaxed mind has more chances to find the answer to the problems then frustrated minds. If you are stuck in a difficult task, simply don’t exhaust your mind. Take a break, relax, and start again.

Go back in the Past

If your present scenario is making you creative. No worries, take yourself in the past and imagine yourself as a little kid of 7 or 10 years. Increase your creativity by thinking as a kid. Give yourself little tasks and check how your brain responds in either way. Do a brainstorming session, and keep your brain in an active state.

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