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Tips for Beginner Player of Badminton


Tips for Beginner Player of Badminton

Sports keep the person healthy and fit. Even if you are not a champion or player, still make a habit of playing any game. It keeps you healthy, reduces the chances of obesity, and keeps you refreshing all day. There are many indoor and outdoor sports that you can pick but badminton is a great choice for everyone. You can play badminton in your house. Women and girls who did not find time for going out can play badminton at home. For playing badminton a person needs to know about few basics. Once you become good in-game, you can also participate in badminton and make a career in this sport. Here are few tips for beginners playing badminton.

Warm up the Body before getting Started

Getting your body prepared is challenging and difficult. Prepare your body before starting badminton. As high movement is involved in badminton, concentrate on certain parts of your body to build stamina. For a warm-up, you can have options like jogging and skipping. Your body will be active in few minutes. When your breath starts getting high, you can stretch the muscles of your body. Majorly focus on your shoulder, back, and leg muscles. Stretching muscle prepared the lungs for the game.

Grip of Badminton

You can’t play well if you don’t have a grip on the racket. Choose the racket with a good grip as it is a crucial part. Choose the grip according to the size of your hand. Small grips are best for small hands and large grips are appropriate for big hands. Keep your hand relaxed while holding the racket. The flexible grip helps you playing the forehand and backhand shots.

Check the Shuttlecock

It is necessary to check the flight of the shuttle before starting the game. Don’t play with the wobbly shut. It indicates the poor-quality of the shuttle. It is necessary to know about the type of shuttle, otherwise, you will be going to purchase the wrong shuttle. If you have the wobbly shuttle, through it immediately.

Play Badminton at Indoors

The shuttle is designed for the indoors and closed spaces. They are light-weight and move around with the air. If you play badminton in an open place, the shuttle whisks away. Therefore, it is advised to play badminton indoors.

Don’t leave your Central Position

Maintaining your position is crucial. Once you played the shot, return to the base position. It is the point from where you can easily from the right and left for the next move. It is the best standing point for answering the opponent’s shots.

Planning for the game

Don’t ever think that being a beginner player you don’t need any planning or strategy. Any game could not be played without strategy and planning. There is a need of preparing your mind for the game. When you provoke a thought process you also start thinking about other’s strategies and planning. If you did not plan your game, the chances of you losing the game become high.

Cool-down after playing

It is the most important step once you finished your game. After the physical activity, the body temperature is raised high. Similarly, your warm-up, do the cool down by little walk in the badminton court. Do little stretching to get back to the normal position. Try to relax the muscles of the legs, shoulder, and arms. You can also focus on the other muscles too. Hold onto the stretching position for half a minute to get back into the recovery phase. Recovery from high exertion is necessary for the body.

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