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The Websites that will Change your Life-Part 2


The Websites that will Change your Life-Part 2


It is quite an issue to memorize long numbers of mobile phones, IMEI, bank accounts, and many more. This issue has been duly seen and sorted by Pinfruit. This website helps you in memorizing such a long number by creating the most suitable mnemonics. However, there is a trivial gap in this website that this website provides this facility only in terms of numbers and not words. This is a negative point of this website but when it comes to remembering numbers, this is a perfect place to reach.



You might read newspapers, blogs, articles, and watch TV shows but how many of them help you in polishing your carrier or making it better. This can only be done on “Mindtools”. It is a website that helps you in learning practical carrier skills. Such skills can be implemented in your practical life. This website is really helpful for the people who are at the initial stage of their lives of passing through a struggling period. This blog site is a boon to excel in your life. Therefore, you must visit this website at least once.



In life, a person is aware of the things he/she wants to know but there is another dimension too. In this life, there are also too many things that we do not know but we would love to know if someone tells us about them. This is where HowStuffWorks comes to help. It provides a lot of information and topics that you might be looking for. This also broadens your horizon with eye-opening facts that are alien to you.



There are thousands of dictionaries available on the internet but if you start looking for quality dictions, you will find scarce dictionaries. It becomes a herculean task if one is to find uncommon phrases and words. OneLook is a perfect remedy to resolve this issue. This diction provides you with multiple definitions from other sources too. This is how you can get access to multiple sources in one place. It also helps you in knowing phrases that are difficult to know in normal dictions.


The World Factbook:

You might know that CIA has access to most of the information in this world but there is another thing that you might not know. CIA also makes tons of information public and provides access to people all over the world. You can use this information for learning and research purposes. This is a perfect place to pursue your research.

The World Factbook


As the wise men say, “do not judge a book by its cover” absolutely fits on Couchsurfing. It is not something that makes you idle and lazy rather it is a place where you can find people from different cultures. It not only helps you in meeting people from a different culture but also provides a chance to meet fascinating people and understand their culture. You can see their houses and the way they live their lives. It creates novel experiences and memories in your lives and you learn a lot.


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