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The Websites that will Change your Life Part 1


The Websites that will Change your Life Part 1


Every work in this world is partially or wholly dependent upon the internet. This shows the ever-increasing importance of the internet. It is only because of the internet that this world has been turned into a global village. You may know that all these websites are created with a skill of coding. This facility is duly and freely provided by Codeacademy. Any person who is interested in learning coding can get benefit from free classes of the coding academy. After learning this skill, one can easily earn lots and lots of money because of its colossal demand.

Code Academy


GeographyIQ is an amalgam of Wikipedia and Google Earth. With the help of Geography IQ, you can get access to the geographical formation of any country by sitting on the sofa of your room. GeographyIQ not only gives you access to geographical landscapes but also throws light at the currency, population, and history of that country. GeographyIQ can provide the information on Google Earth and Wikipedia at one place. If you are a student, this is a golden opportunity for you.



Anki is a perfect delight for the nourishment of your brain and memory. It is no secret that one can recall information aptly with the use of flashcards. Flashcards not only make you recall information but also expedite in recalling. How Anki is different from other flashcards websites? There are a lot of websites that provide you the facility of flashcards but Anki also provides images, audios, and videos to facilitate learning. It is a known fact that learning is most if multiple senses are involved in it.



It is a great idea to use games for learning backed by multiple kinds of research all over the world. Lumosity has provided benefits to millions of people. It is a trusted resource as they create a game after relentless research. The structure of games is designed to sharpen the memory of the users. In this website, as you prolong playing, this website judges your memory and math skills.  Consequently, this website assigns you the game by looking at your skills. The best thing about Lumosity is that the games are full of interest and your interest in the game never diminishes.



CliffNotes makes life easy for school and college students. It is a website that has created notes of thousands of topics. Now, students do not have to read the whole novels, dramas, and much more in-depth to get the essence of a topic. CliffNotes provide critical analysis, themes, characters, and all the needed lessons to the students. This site is also beneficial for students of science and math. CliffsNotes give access to students without charging them any cost.



TED has changed the idea of learning. Millions of people around the world watch TED seminars. TED attracts the smartest mind from any part of the world and provides them a stage to unleash their selves in front of the whole world. Resultantly, people from all over the world listen to novel ideas and learn from such smartest minds. TED saves the expenses of the learners by giving them deep insight free of cost. Now, one can watch TED from home. There are thousands of videos that can change your life.

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