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The Future of Music and Technology


The Future of Music and Technology

With technology, there is advancement in the field of music. From the past to the present era, there is continuous evolvement. Starting from gramophone to vinyl records and mp3s, the innovation in music comes with the innovation in society. There are giant discoveries in technology and everyone is amazed about the future in which we are heading.

Musical Software’s

There is a Japanese voice synthesizing software that blends music and computer and it is a prominent example of music and technology. The software uses a wide variety of the libraries and store the sounds by different singers and produce generated music.  The user input the lyrics and tune and a wholly liable song is produced.  Voice is released in form of packages with name or persona. Another Japanese video-sharing platform called Niconico, provide the hotspot for these songs. They are uploaded on YouTube and all over the internet. Vocaloid is not limited to holograms. In the year 2012, Tupac came to the stage for the first time. The rapped was performed in collaboration with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. The concert got worldwide attention and popularity. The biggest music force for everyone is YouTube. Most of the music is streamed through YouTube.

Today’s Music and Its Journey

In the year 2020, there is a great fall in the entertainment industry. But currently, things are getting back to the new normal and overall progress has been seen in global music. In 2019, the global music industry earned around $20-21 billion dollars. It is forecasted by Goldman Sachs glowingly that the amount will become double to $45 billion by the year 2030. The revenue is increased due to increased streaming, globalization, and the contribution of technology. With the help of artificial intelligence, Alexa and Siri are created and they make enjoyment easier. Click once and your favorite music can be played. Wearables also accelerate things. Through the earbuds, high revenue is generated. It is claimed by Apple generated the revenue of approximately 10.1 billion dollars through the sale of air pods. With the emergence of new music engagement and monetization, pages from the playbook of M&E are stolen. Through the Utopia, an internet long-promised music that gives meaning to the real-time direct artist to fan and fan to fan engagement.  The passionate music lover pays any cost to interact with the musicians.  Therefore, the survey found that the adult between 18-64 is ready to pay $1000 for such experiences. The music lovers are also willing to meet the other fans and share their thoughts about it. Fortnite experiment with marshmallow is an unforgettable event in which more than 10 million people have watched the live performance of DJs.  Similarly, an artist like Lindsey Sterling started virtual concerts for their fans and fans also interact with the artist directly. Approximately 4 lac people attended the virtual concert of sterling. A little more forward, Redpill VR takes the things to next level and with the help of power reality, one can dance with the friends right next to Diplo.

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