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The Ethics of Human Rights


The Ethics of Human Rights

Being human we all have rights for our existence. It is necessary to shape them otherwise, their implementation is not possible. There are many types of rights and ethics. Respect, equality, dignity, and fairness are the key values of society. By committing these keys in society, we can solve many problems. People who are sidelined due to any reason in society need human rights and ethics to get the proper place. For this purpose, international laws are made to protect the people from the worst human condition. But still, there is a lot of racism and anti-human activities. Women are still not protected in many areas and they are struggling for their rights. Human rights are also natural rights of the people.


The first and foremost part of the ethics of human rights is equality.  It is important for the foundation of healthy humans and society. If equality will be separated from human rights, society cannot be shaped. It is the root of freedom, justice, and peace in society. Inequality, humans are treated equally without discriminating the caste, creed, and color. If humans are treated equally, they will not feel down and isolated from others. Therefore, equality is the foundation of human rights. In this system, no one is treated above others on the basis of color, gender, age, religion, beliefs, and national origin. Discrimination is not acceptable inequality. There is a serious need for equality in the world.


After equality, the second thing that is needed in the world is participation. It is the process that makes people able to make a decision. The term participation means political and public administration, economic development, social inclusion, and others. If few people dominate and take the decision, then peace and implementation of human rights are not possible. Favor of one group cause problem for the other group. The policy made for one group might be harmful to the other group. Therefore, it is necessary to make people participate from all the groups. Freedom of speech and expression is a basic human right. But due to certain reasons, many groups of society are not able to be a part of it. It may be due to a lack of education and enough knowledge. For this, the creation of opportunity is necessary. Lack of opportunity for a certain group of people is indirect discrimination.


The right of every human is dependent or linked with the other human. We all live in the same society and this is the reason we have rights to each other. To maintain peace and safety it is necessary everyone living in the same place build a relation of respect for each other. For example, it is the responsibility of the government to provide proper education to every citizen. Common people depend on government for the education facilities. Similarly, people rely on the government for health and security. It is important to create awareness about the interdependence of relations between people.

Rule of Law

Rules and laws are implemented to keep a check on human rights. Without proper accountability, human rights are not saved. In case of violence to human rights, punishments are assigned. It is the primary enforcement mechanism. All the keys such as equality, fairness, participation, and transparency are implemented with the help of law enforcement institutions. Rule and law are necessary for international peace, security, fairness, economic development, and social progress. The violators of peace and human rights are controlled with the help of the law.

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