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Six websites that Make you Clever


Six websites that Make you Clever

MIT Open Course:

It is a dream of every student to get a degree or a course from MIT. This is not possible for everyone because of resources and other multiple reasons. An initiative by the educators of MIT provides you information about innumerable courses. Due to this effort of MIT, now, people have access to millions of other websites that offer free of cost courses.

MIT Open Course


Though there are millions of businessmen in the world, they are not well versed in business. They lack the basic degrees of business. This becomes an issue in the business when things move toward finances. This issue has duly been resolved by the Investopedia. Investopedia has created a blog news system which is used to disseminate the basic education regarding finances and how the financial markets run. Moreover, there are innumerable videos and tutorials that help you understand the changing financial world. This website also keeps you updated.



Quora is by far the best question answering website. If you have any problem in the world, you can ask it on Quora and you will get answers from the experts in that field. You can have a healthy discussion on Quora too with eminent scholars. The people having similar interests can talk on the subject to polish their knowledge more than ever. Quora has been easing the lives of many for years.


Information is Beautiful:

Information is Beautiful is another website that polishes your brain and makes you clever enough to understand things in a better manner. This website uses visual demonstration to makes you understand data what cannot be understood without it. If you read books, you know that it becomes really difficult sometimes to understand a few things without visuals. For instance, if you want to know how a company became bankrupt during the time, this website will use visuals like bubbles to make you understand how much many were lost to whom at what time. This makes life very easy for you.

Information is Beautiful


This website is very useful for the students who have to read for the whole day or the maximum of the day. Spreeder resolves issues for you if you have trouble in reading quickly because a person can only read at the speed of his inner voice. On this website, you find techniques and solutions to boost your reading speed, and also to understand it completely. The best thing about spreeder is that it is available free of cost.


Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg is a boon for the book lovers. This is a place where you have access to thousands and thousands of books for free. This is like a dream come true for all the readers because people do not have much access to quality books for free. Moreover, this website is also completely legal. This website also gives you the option to download books for free and even read without the internet.

Project Gutenberg

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