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How to Save Yourself from the New Coronavirus Strains


How to Save Yourself from the New Coronavirus Strains

A new strain of coronavirus starts spreading everywhere. According to health experts, the new strain is more deadly than the original virus. It is necessary for everyone to follow the SOPs and do all kinds of efforts to save yourself and your loved ones. Tension is spread among the people regarding the new strain of COVID. It is claimed that this strain is 50% more infectious than the previous.  A massive spike is expected among the different countries. The best defense you can do against the virus is to reduce the chances of exposure. Here are few ways to keep yourself safe from the new strain of coronavirus.

Reduce Socialization

The best way to save yourself from the new strain of coronavirus is less socialization. The more you stay inside lesser is the chance of transmission. People staying outside more time risk the lives of all the family members. You can reduce the chances of positivity with fewer people in your social bubble. Complete isolation is genuinely not possible but avoids socialization as much as you can. Isolation may cause depression and anxiety because humans are social animals and they need to connect in any way.

Limit Shopping

It is advised to limit going out for shopping. Usually, markets and shopping malls cause huge transmission of coronavirus. If you limit the onsite shopping, then there is a reduction in the massive destruction.  There is home delivery available now almost everywhere. It is better to use the courier services and get everything at your door. Remember, whenever you receive any package at the door, sanitize it properly and then take it inside your room. Clean your hands after opening the package.

Rethink Work and School Settings

With the increase in a spike of coronavirus, work is again shifted to online mode and many people are working at home. But still, others are going to the office and working in a physical environment. A lot of precautions and care are needed for such people. It is because many people are contracted the virus at work places. Schools and workplaces should think about their work modes and shift it to online as much as possible. Move meetings and other gatherings at an open place with social distancing. Schools should also shift the study mode to online and if they are calling students then there should be a healthy environment.

Wear Mask and Use Sanitizer

Mask and Sanitizers are new normal for everyone in the world. We have to live with this virus and also with masks and sanitizers. The use of a Mask can reduce the risk of coronavirus. There are different types of masks available in the market. You can use fabric masks, surgical masks, and N95. The safety of the mask depends on the number of layers and fabric type. It is good to wear the mask with tight-fitting because it will be more effective and protective. Wearing only a mask is enough if it has two layers. But if you think a single mask is not working for you then you can wear the other too. CDC is providing guidelines about every problem people encounter during the pandemic. Wash your hands frequently and sanitize them for 20 seconds. Alcohol-based sanitizers worked best against the germs. Use sanitizer after touching any surface, or in rush areas. Make possible efforts to save yourself from the virus.

Get the Vaccination

Vaccination for the coronavirus has started all over the world and it is the best news so far. Get the vaccination and at your turn as it is necessary for everyone. Although there is still no surety that it fights against the new strain or not but it will mild the symptoms caused by the virus.

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