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How to Deliver a Speech having Powerful Effect Part-2


How to Deliver a Speech having Powerful Effect Part-2

Giving Positive Vibes:

This is an essential and indispensable part of the speech. You cannot leave this part because of its blatant importance. It is very important to start your speech with a positive note. Your body language must be positive and you must be oozing out positive energy. A successful speech cannot be delivered without positive energy. You must know in your mind that you are here to enjoy the next few minutes of your life. There are multiple things to boost confidence for you. I usually get confidence by looking at the curious faces of the people. Their curiosity makes me confident that they are sitting to listen to me. They are interested in my talk. You can begin your speech by cracking a joke, by narrating a story, or by giving them hope.

The Role of Body Language:

Body language surely makes a difference in the deliverance of your speech however it is further dependent upon the start of your speech. It is more important how you commence your speech. What are your gestures? Do you look nervous or not? Are you sweating or not? Your legs are trembling or not? All these things are really important and leave a colossal effect. There are a few tips that will help you in looking confident are discussed below:

  1. The importance of your posture is really important before you deliver a word. This is because once you begin speaking; the importance of your postures diminishes. A fine and confident posture is really important. A confident posture will pave the way towards a successful speech.
  2. Another important thing in your body language is the use of hands. Your hands must not be hidden behind the rostrum. This shows a sense of anxiety and nervousness. It is important to use your hands while delivering the speech to show you are not nervous a single bit.
  3. Smile is of great importance during your speech. You can win the hearts and minds of the audience with only a single smile. A smiling face is a symbol of confidence. A smile shows that there is not an iota of nervousness in you. A smiling face is essential while you are moving towards the podium and before starting a speech. It creates a relation between you and the audience and positive vibes are connected.

Breath Control:

These are very minute things that create a mammoth difference. The people who are master of this skill of speech do not let these things go unnoticed. They take care of all the little details. Their body always stands with them and all gestures go along with their speech. These things can only be done if you remain calm. if you have breath control, your voice will e clear and you would deliver a speech that will be remembered for years to come.

Tips from experts:

The experts of speech share a few tips that I will share with you.

  1. The pitch of your voice is really important. Some people have a high pitch while others have a low or medium pitch. It is you who is to decide about his pitch. If you start panting very soon, you can adjust to a lower pitch. You can take a sigh of relief and start speaking again. This will make you look more composed and well prepared. This technique can enhance the essence of your speech.
  2. The diaphragm training is really important to project your voice loud and clear. You can train your body by breathing in and out while keeping a hand on your diaphragm. After little practice, you will see that you rarely cramp and exhaust. There would be much clarity in your voice. You will easily be heard and understood by the audience. After a successful and confident start, your speech will be perfect and you will deliver one of the most awesome speeches.

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