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How High Heels Can Affect You?


How High Heels Can Affect You?

High heels are the favorite of every girl. Girls always want to style their look with heels. It adds inches to the physical appearance and increases confidence in the personality. Girls carry the heels with confidence and they did not face difficulty in wearing them but as they head towards adulating and year passes, heels create problems and health issues. The threshold of the body is lowered with age and causes dysfunction. Poor alignment while wearing heels causes painful conditions in the body. Here are few aspects while you carry heels. It is important to know the health conditions caused by heels.

Heels cause Misalignment

Wearing high heels causes misalignment in the body. It causes changes in the body when you continuously wear them. When you wear heels, the high pressure is on the toes which tilt the body in the forward direction. To stand straight and manage your body, you stay upright and lean backward and this posture creates strain in the knees, hip, and lower back. Wearing heels occasionally does not cause the problem but making it routine causes serious alignment problems of the body. Few muscles get tight while others become weak.

Pressure on Knees

Wearing heels cause the uneven distribution of weight on the front part of the knees.  The anterior loading is caused due to wearing heels. It results in serious knee pain in this position. For anyone who has the problem of arthritis, the condition may worsen.

Muscles Compression and Nerve Compression

 Wearing heels for so long causes pain in the muscles and lower back. Neck muscles are strained due to overarched back.  Sciatica is very common in women who use to wear heels. As groin muscles and hip flexors tighten chronic spasms are resulted and create pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Foot Problems

There are huge problems that arise in feet due to wearing heels. Whenever you wear any type of shoe that is against your natural shape of the foot, there is a clear risk of pain. Heels add pressure on the specific angle and cause pain in that part. If someone wears heels regularly it causes inflammation of this fibrous tissue. Not every woman who wears heels feel these consequences. Few women can better manage wearing heels. If you feel pain in the lower back, groin, neck, feet then it is necessary to check your shoe collection. Revise your collection because comfort is necessary than anything else.

Appropriate Shoes

Wear heels that vary according to your height. You are allowed to wear shoes in which you can walk naturally and do not feel any discomfort. Relax your legs, feet, hips, or back and give a stretch that helps to maintain the damaged tissues of the body. Instead of stilettos, wear wedge heels. They are wider and compatibly more comfortable. The balance is well-maintained. Feet are more fit in square-faced shoes rather than a pointed ones. For saving your body from damage and restore the position of the body, do yoga poses. It is necessary to maintain stability in the body. Yoga helps the body to retain from damage. Core work helps in stretching muscles and toned the overstretched muscles.

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