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How Fast Food affects our Body


How Fast Food affects our Body

Admit it or not but fast food is the eating item that is loved by every age group. Starting from kids to old age people everyone loves to have fast food. As hoteling becomes a trend all over the world and people eat outside their homes, fast food becomes the heavy selling item. If we go back a decade, people will not spend this much budget of their income on eating outside the home. According to different researches, almost 45% of the total budget of the month is spent on food. No doubt it tastes too good but it has many health effects. It affects different organs of your body. Let’s discuss in detail how fast food affects the body.

Fast Food effects on Heart and Kidney

Fast Food contains a lot of carbohydrates and fibers are almost equal to zero. It increases the blood sugar level because during the digestive process the food is broken down and it releases in the form of glucose which increases blood sugar. When there is excess sugar pancreas releases natural insulin which transports the sugar in the different organs where it is needed. But this work is only for a healthy body. As long as you are healthy your body manages the huge sugar spikes but when you start eating such kind of food in large quantities daily, the body cannot handle it.  And you ended up with weight gain and Diabetes.

Fast Food contains a large amount of Fat and Sugar

Excess of both sugar and fat affects the body and Fast Food both of these in the large amount. It is suggested by health experts that only 150 to 200 calories should be consumed in one day which is equivalent to six to nine teaspoons. Fast Food drinks alone contain 12 ounces which are equal to eight teaspoons. Strong fat chains are present in all fast food items. It is in the form of trans fat. Common items include fried pies, pastries, pizza dough, cookies, brownies, etc.  The consumption of such food daily increases the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and reduces the amount of good cholesterol. Heart diseases and Diabetes are also caused due to these reasons.

Fast Food Effects Respiratory System

Eating unhealthy food with a huge amount of sugar causes weight gain and when it continues to increase, it leads to obesity.  Obesity causes many diseases like respiratory issues, asthma, and shortness of breath. A person with a lot of weight cannot manage to walk easily and faces difficulty while moving around. Their lifestyle and activities effected badly. The extra kilos or pounds you gain through pressure on your heart and lungs. Bones become weak and there is a risk of cracking of joints. Children who eat a lot of junk food are at higher risk to get asthma.

Fast Food Effect Reproductive System

Along with harming other organs of the body, Fast Food affects the fertility and reproductive system of the human body. Fast Food is processed food and it contains phthalates. These are the chemicals that affect the functionality of the hormone. If a mother consumes too much fast food and drinks before the birth of the child, it affects the health of the child. There are chances of birth defects.

Fast Food Effects Skin, Hair and Nails

Fast Food also has ad effects on our skin. Chocolate and pizza also cause acne to the skin. Carbohydrate is the element which causes poor skin. As we discuss earlier carbohydrates cause sugar spikes and due to this excess of sugar acne is caused on the skin. It also happens that Eczema causes skin. It is a condition in which irritated patches of inflamed skin appear on the skin.

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