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How Empowered Woman Help in Strengthening the Economy


How Empowered Woman Help in Strengthening the Economy

Women are an integral part of society. Without the efforts of women, no nation can grow and flourish in the world. But unfortunately in many societies, a woman is not provided with the needed rights and they are considered weak. It is assumed in these societies that women could not stand like men in difficult situations and cannot compete with them. But the truth is without the help and assistance of women, no country, no economy, no society can survive. Women are the strongest creation of God.  It is necessary to empower women to grow in the future. Women can help in strengthening the economy. Here are the few advantages of women empowerment.

Gender Equality and Women’s Right

Economically empower women brings gender equality in society. In this way, women can better fight for their rights. When women do business, they will hit the international and national markets and interact with as many people as they can. It increases their access to work, productivity, resources, and people.  In this way, their decision-making power becomes strong and they can help and assist the other’s women by providing them job opportunities and rights too. This chain can be extended from local to international level. A working woman can lower the gap between the two genders. Many bad things can be minimized from society by giving the proper guidance about the opposite gender. Without empowering women, sustainability development is not possible. It is included in the agenda to give rights and power to women because they are strong entities in the empowerment of society. Sustainability development focuses on gender equality, increased productivity, reducing inequalities, and making the health sector strong. Without making women strong and giving them desired rights, growth and the independence of the country is not possible.

Economies Grow when Woman Work

The economies of the country rely on a woman. When a woman will work, the economy is increased. Nearly half of the population of the world comprised of women. If a woman would not work, the growth process of the world is slowing down and there will be less productivity. The process can only be enhanced by making women able to work. Income inequality has raised trillions of problems. If the woman is capable enough to bear her expenses, then many fears are rooted out of her life. And the people associated with her also grows. The GDP can be increased in huge amount if the woman works and become the part of the economic growth. But due to the gender gap, there is 15 percent less GDP.

Women Empowerment Increase Educational Opportunities

Educated women work better for the nation. It is necessary to increase the opportunities for a better education. It helps in increasing economic growth. To compete with the rapid technological and digital world, it is necessary for the woman to get the proper education. For the well-being of women, education is necessary. Women can only be empowered if they get a proper education. Countries with better education opportunities can empower women in a better way.

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