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How COVID-19 effects the Fashion and Textile Industry?


How COVID-19 effects the Fashion and Textile Industry?

 In the past few months of COVID-19, like many other industries, the textile industry is also highly effected and at a great loss. The fact is seen from the past that the loss we all bear in this time is irreplaceable and the post COVID world will be a different world. At the end of December, the World Health Organization declared the COVID and in just 2 months the maximum countries of the world were badly affected by the deadly virus. The whole world and business go under lockdown and the economy is completely collapsed. The whole world is in a helpless state and everyone is shocked in this toughest time. The trends of business, trade, tourism, and education changed a lot. And just after the emergency of the COVID, all the big brands are ordered to close immediately. Coronavirus has badly effected all the European countries around the globe. The Fashion Hub Italy has a lot of import-export from China. Similarly, by different means, the spread of the virus is increased and the number of affected people reached millions. The mortality rate is very high and all the hospitals are under emergency.  The manufacturing in textile industries stops over the globe and the trade almost reached zero. All the stores and Brands are canceling the orders and shutting down their stores. Millions of people lost their jobs and the situation becomes worst in the mid of 2020. Countries whose economy dependent on import-export are in the worst times. In these worst days, employees are not even able to save their livelihoods. The alarming situation is that the pandemic is not ending and start over and over again. According to WHO the second wave of COVID-19 is expected and in many countries there is the second wave. There is a huge loss to the economy and the import-export of the country.

Nonwoven Industries in Times of COVID

In the time of Pandemic, the only industries running are nonwoven industries with a high demand for masks and protective suits for medical services. In the times of Pandemic, we can easily feel the importance of face masks, disinfecting wipes, and personal protective equipment. Similarly, the trading between the countries is also based on protective equipment. In these difficult times, nonwoven and related industries are the strong support to fight against the deadly virus. In the absence of these industries, the fight against COVID is not possible. It is an essential partner. In many countries, there is a great shortage of personal protective equipment and surgical masks. Countries like Spain and Italy facing the worst conditions and the only trade between countries is the equipment against fight COVID. The textile industry faces a lot of issues in these times. All the fashion exhibitions and fashion gala stop. Because of this the income of the people working in the fashion industry also stops. Due to lockdown, People are afraid of even online shopping because there is a chance of the transfer of COVID through the packages people purchase through online stores. This is why the situation becomes critical for the textile and fashion industry.

 Many textile and industry owners are planning to continue their work with proper procedures and precautionary measures. Wish we have the good times and the situation comes to normal.

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