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Global Warming and Change in Earth Climate


Global Warming and Change in Earth Climate

The Climate of the Earth changes very fast. A huge climate shift is observed in the previous few years. Due to the increase in the temperature of the earth the glaciers are melting, the water stream down in the sea and as a result, the level of the sea rises, and the nearby areas are affected badly. Human beings destroyed the climate of the earth badly, cut down the trees, and wildlife is also in trouble. Due to the less number of trees, there is less rain. As we move towards modern life, and the number of factories increases, heat releases from those factories causes the most environmental change. This is all contributing to Global Warming. Set of changes in climate, long term change in weather, and the complex shift of turning warm places into cooler and cooler places into warm. Not only climate changes but also shift in the habitats of the animals. The changes emerge due to the greenhouse effect caused by humans.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

When the gases in the atmosphere absorb heat, it causes the greenhouse effect. The sunlight comes to the earth’s surface, the light radiated back in the form of heat. Molecules of the greenhouse gas trap some the molecules and add heats in the atmosphere of the earth and the rest of the molecules escaped into space. The huge number of greenhouse gases merge up and increase the temperature of the earth. The effect was introduced in 1824 for the first time. Scientists quoted that it is the greenhouse effect that keeps the earth atmosphere moderate otherwise it is colder. Humans are increasing the greenhouse effect by releasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect increases or decreases in history but it remains constant for a few thousand years. The burning of fossil fuels and other industrial smoke releases a huge number of greenhouse gases that are causing Global warming and warmer earth atmosphere.

It is not only humans that are causing Global warming. There are also certain reasons like a volcanic eruption, the position of the earth relative to the sun. Solar wind and radiations are also the reasons for Global warming. Scientists who use to monitor the earth’s climate change keeps an eye on all these factors. Only two percent of the Global Warming caused by the particles suspended in the atmosphere due to volcanic eruption, the major contribution is due to greenhouse gases and the factors caused by humans.

Impacts of Climate Change

The ice on glaciers, West Antarctica, Greenland, and the Arctic sea is melting and as a result, the level of the water raises. The level of the sea is increasing globally and this process is increasing at a faster rate with time. The increase in temperature is disturbing the wildlife and their habitats and they are migrating to other places. Climate shifts cause more rain in some areas and drought in others. People lost their crops and there is a serious shortage of water.

There are a few more effects that are expected

  • The level of the sea rises to 10 and 32 inches or it increases with time.
  • There is an increase in droughts and floods. The storms become common.
  • As glaciers stores about three-quarters of the freshwater so less freshwater is available.
  • There is an increase in viral infections.

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