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Few Things You Should Know about 2020 Flu


Few Things You Should Know about 2020 Flu

Winters are almost here and the spread of flu in winters is always at the peak. In the past few months, we all are wearing masks, sanitizing our hands, and practicing social distancing in the year 2020 due to pandemic. This winter we have to face two threats COVID and Flu. There is a risk both viruses overlap and causes a worse result. If we did not take the proper precautionary measures and knowledge to fight against these deadly viruses, we can’t survive this winter. Here are a few things you need to know about the 2020 Flu

The Impact of COVID-19 on this Winter Flu

The coronavirus spread all across the world. Scientists are busy researching the facts and truth about the coronavirus and flu. Health experts are doubtful about the fact that coronavirus and flu affects a person simultaneously. Both viruses cause severe illness. Both affect the body severely and take you to the death bed. In research conducted in 2018-19 more than 35 million people affected with flu and cause 34 thousand deaths. Coronavirus and flu cause serious illness and increase the risk of death. Take the proper diet and keep yourself safe from the deadly viruses.

Why we should aware of Flu wave 2020

Lack of knowledge causes many issues and adds to the rise of Coronavirus patients. Due to the rise of the corona the shot of flu can be proved to be more deadly. The vaccine of flu cannot save you from coronavirus but it reduces the chances of contracting both viruses and saves you from severe illness. It also reduces the risk of transmitting the infection to others. As both diseases share the same respiratory symptoms and it burdened the testing process in the hospitals. Flu patients get the flu vaccination and chances are there that lowers the burden. In the countries where the winter season is over, it is analyzed that there are few corona cases this year. In a few countries, it is seen that flu cases are less. Health experts analyze this from the southern hemisphere to predict about northern hemisphere.


As the virus is on peak and everyone is afraid of getting affected. While going out from home we are risking getting the coronavirus. Due to this everyone is taking serious precautions to save themselves by wearing masks, sanitizer, and practicing social distancing. In offices, malls, and working places special marks are placed to ensure the standard operation procedure of coronavirus. Filters are installed everywhere to ensure cleanliness. Doors are usually open in workplaces to avoid touching surfaces. Wearing masks is set as rule in the rush places. Offices and places are sanitized or cleaned deeply every few times. In school and college areas, the exams are conducted in an open area to ensure the SOP of corona and avoid the contract of COVID.  The learning process is shifted to an Online and virtual environment. The shared places are cleaned after a few times. The screening is done at every entrance in exam halls or workplaces. People wear protective equipment to save themselves.

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