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Few suggestions about the Food you can feed your Children when they are Sick


Few suggestions about the Food you can feed your Children when they are Sick

Parents put all their effort to make their health and always care about their health. Despite all these efforts to save kids, germs attack anyhow. The most common reason for this is kids have less immunity and their body cannot fight against germs and bacteria and as a result they get sick. Common research shows that on average kids get 8 to 10 times cold per year. This theory is for the kids at the age of 5 years. As kids are sensitive to the weather and other factors. There is no cure except you keep good care of the kid’s health and increase their immunity against viruses and bacteria.

Young one takes maximum rest and gets them plenty of fluids according to their body need. The problem is also still there regarding the temperature adjustment of the fluid you are giving to your young ones. Parents are always confused about the kid’s food when they are suffering from cold, cough, and sneezing. Diluted juices, lime water, and soup are best for the kids. If your kids have allergies from these items, you can also consult with their doctor regarding the food. The older kids are not that much sensitive can also make teas, with honey and lemon.

Fruits are always the best

Fruits are enriched with vitamins and increase the immunity of the body and energize the body. It is not a cure for cold and cough but fruits enriched with antioxidant properties did not harm the body. Vitamin C is necessary for the body and lemons, limes, oranges are a rich source of the body. But the citrus fruits are not good if you have a cough. But fruits are the best source to provide fluid to the body and keep the body hydrated. Frozen sliced fruits are also an easy way to keep the body hydrated. Slightly frozen fruits like blueberries and strawberries give the cooling effect to the throat. You can also make a smoothie of the frozen fruits with milk and have them. It is easily digestible. Because it becomes difficult for the sick body to digest.

 Present Your kids their Favorite Food

Kids become very sensitive when they are sick. They behave weirdly because their patience level is almost zero at that time. The sick child has poor appetite so serve them food of their choice. Serve your kid’s small meals so they can easily digest the food and get energy. Soft foods like rice and noodles are easy for kids to chew and their bodies don’t need any effort for digestion. Bananas and rice are also recommended for the kids in illness. You can also consider boil vegetables but make sure to eat the nourishing food.

Chicken is always a favorite of kids. They love to have chicken in their meals. Make a bowl of chicken soup and serve. It is enriched with energy and its warm texture provides soothing to the body. It fulfills the fluid needs of the kid too. For making it more innovative you can also add noodles and rice in it. Oat flour and vegetables are also included in the soup for making it thick. It’s also good for the kids who love to have vegetables with the chicken. Take good care of your kids and include proper nutrients in their diet to save them from getting sick.

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