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Few Secrets of Living a Happy Life Part 2


Few Secrets of Living a Happy Life Part 2

Spend Time with Friends and Family

Spending time with family and friends will give happiness and peace of mind. Whenever you feel, stressed, demotivated, and exhausted just sit along with your friends and family. These are the people that stand by our side when the situation is not ideal. Our happiness and grief cannot be passed without spending time with our friends and family. Friends are the people with which we can share anything without the fear of judgment. Similarly, the bond between us and our family is precious than anything else in the world. Therefore, spending time with them brings happiness. If we are broken, it is only our friends and family that will hold us and make things normal for us. Spare time for your friends and family to get happiness in your heart. If you don’t have time to meet then just drop them a message or call to remind them they are important. You will eventually feel happiness.

Unplug and Be More Mindful in Life

Sometimes we could not find out the reason for our sadness and anxiety. It is because we become so busy with our studies, a job that we forget ourselves and it causes grief and sadness. Connecting to social media is good but sometimes it is not good for us. Therefore, unplug yourself from all the social media sites and give yourself time. Despite wasting time by staying online, invest your time and yourself on your loved ones. Take some rest and maintain a distance from the screens. If you are a tech person and can’t go offline the at least set a schedule of a day in which you spare few hours of maintaining distance with the screens. Do meaningful efforts to save your happiness.

Lower the Expectations

It is not people and events that make us unhappy, it is our expectations from others. Stop expecting from others and there is no chance of sadness and anxiety. All the ridiculous things in our life are happened just because of the wrong expectations from others. Don’t invest yourself in others for the sake of return. If you are doing good with others, don’t think you will get back the same. Detach your expectations and see how stronger you stand in front of everyone. The process seems difficult because expectations are unintentional. But spent your energy and it is possible. The idea of detachment is misunderstood. Don’t disconnect from people but detach your expectations. It is the best way of having pleasure and happiness. But once you figure out you are losing importance then stop investing your energy in such people. Because they drain out all the positivity from your personality and leave you in the worst situation. Help others but maintain the distance. Happiness does not come out easily, one has to go through different situations.

Continue Learning

Pursuing learning and passion is the roadway to happiness. Adopt healthy hobbies. It not only keeps you busy but attaches you with happiness. You can go for yoga, dance, jogging, climbing, reading, hang out. Do whatever you like. It connects you with learning and with your dreams. Dreams and passion keep a person lively and happy. Depending upon personal interest, you can go for your favorite hobby. Make a list of activities that you can do in your free time. In this way, you are engaged with healthy things and could not waste your time and energy by overthinking and bad times. Once you make the list, then promise yourself to pursue them and include them as your lifestyle. Start challenge yourself and start a healthy and happy life.

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