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Few Reasons You May Fell Unstable After Exercise


Few Reasons You May Fell Unstable After Exercise

Exercise keeps the person healthy and fit. It is necessary for better health and lifestyle. Feeling inactive and shaky after exercise is common. It happens due to several reasons. But don’t take it light always. Know about the fact of what is normal and not. In a few cases, the condition becomes serious and causes issues in muscles. It often causes due to contraction in muscles. This article will be helpful for you if you have gone with this problem. Listing down a few possible causes of feeling unstable after exercise.

Less Amount of Blood Sugar

Glucose is needed for the muscles. It acts as fuel for muscles. When a person starts exercising the blood glucose level decreases. In some scenarios, when someone does exercise for a long time at a high pace, the level of glucose decreases in the body. This condition is also known as hypoglycemia. As the amount of muscle fuel decreases, the muscles start to shake. There are many other issues you can face due to these problems such as fatigue, hunger, headache, dizziness, weakness, and fast heartbeat.

Dehydration in the Body

Water is the basic need of the body. Without water, the body’s functioning is not possible. To maintain the electrolyte level of the body keeping the body hydrated is necessary. Nerves and muscles functioning are controlled by the electrolytes. In exercise, there is high functioning of the body, and water is excreted from the body in the form of sweat. The body becomes dehydrated during exercising especially on hot summer days. If the body becomes dehydrated, it results in muscle twitching and cramps. And then it causes shaking. There are a few symptoms that help you know that your body is dehydrated. These symptoms include fatigue, thirst, dark urine, less urination, headache, and weakness.

High Intake of Caffeine

Few people love to take coffee, sports drink, and other supplements before exercise. These drinks provide energy for the workout. But if it is taken in a high amount it makes the body unable to relax. The more you increase intake in your diet, the more it is harmful to the body. Hands and limbs are most affected due to shakiness in the body. The other problems that are caused due to the high amount of caffeine are insomnia, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and elevated blood pressure.

Leaving a Muscle in One Position

When you hold the muscle in one position for a long time, it causes shaking. This condition often occurs in exercises like planks. There are motor units in the body that cause muscle movement. When the muscle is on hold for a long time, motor units push more force and it results in shaking in the body. Normally you feel tremors in the muscles. You often experienced arms and core shake after the planks. It also happens when you hold the dumbbell for a long time.

Muscle Tiredness

The tiredness of the muscle is the common reason that causes shakiness in the body. The Central Nervous System releases the motor units during physical activity which consist of neurons and muscle fibers. The rapid change in the contraction and relaxation state causes shakiness in the body. Other reasons for muscle fatigue include weakness, low energy level, and soreness. If you feel frequent pain in the body due to exercise, try to minimize your workout time. Otherwise, you feel problems in the body.

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