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Few Reasons Responsible for Slow Learning


Few Reasons Responsible for Slow Learning

As the world condition is not stable, many people are stuck indoors and they have to kill the time by staying in. It is the best time to pick up a new subject and learn it. But due to lack of concentration and slow learning, many people face difficulty and they are trying hard to make their life more productive. There are many reasons behind the slow learning process and slow learners face difficulty in focusing on the target subject. Here are a few that are accountable for slow learning and understanding these reasons, the problem can be resolved to some extent.

Lesser the Focus, Slow the Learning

Learning is all about focus.  It is the basic key for learning. If you did not pay attention and focus while studying, you are not able to learn the topic. Actually, you are not a slow learner, you are distracted and not paying attention. By adjusting your focus, you can see remarkable progress in your learning process. Your knowledge increased in great amount. For adjusting your focus, it is recommended to sit in a calm, quiet, and distraction-free atmosphere. Just analyze by yourself, if you start reading any book in a noisy place, you are distracted and does not able to read the book. It is best to minimize the distractions as much as possible. A quiet and calm place helps you focus on your target. Avoid task switching which is also called multi-tasking by many people. Few people have exceptional mind training and they can easily switch between the tasks, but others cannot easily refocus. Therefore, it is better to avoid any type of task switching. Before starting learning, feed yourself well. A healthy body can work and focus easily than an unhealthy body.

Mindset Influence Learning

Attitude has a great influence on our mindset and eventually the learning process. If you make your mind to do something exceptional, you cannot be stopped and no distraction will become your hurdle. But if you have fixed your mind that you cannot do anything remarkable, then every little difficulty becomes a large hurdle in your way. People that have a positive mindset and know the power of growth will achieve great things in life. Positive people do their hard to achieve their goals. Learning is directly proportional to your trust in yourself. The more you trust skills the more you achieve. Therefore, change your mindset and increase your learning capability.

Minimize Unrealistic Expectations

Learning is not a smooth path. There are many difficulties that came during the learning process. Don’t believe that you can run on a smooth streamline and done with your learning a specific subject or skill. Stress, anxiety, and difficulties are common during the learning process. Be realistic rather than believing in ideal things. Every good thing needs effort and focuses in life. Every field, subject, and skill is new at the initial level and we don’t know about it. It is the reason many people become frustrated at the very initial stage and think they can’t do anything because they are slow learners and cannot continue this. Believe yourself and give everything a little time and carry the difficult things with consistency. Keep in your mind that learning is a time taking process and you cannot achieve the good things immediately. Give yourself time and keep calm all the time. Don’t quit at the initial level. Few people are faster at the initial stage but there are chances they will face difficulty at the end. Don’t compare yourself with others. Learning is an art and there is no concept of fast and slow. Don’t stress yourself by seeing others. Trust the process and continue to do hard work.

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