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COVID-19 Helps the World Tackling Climate Change


COVID-19 Helps the World Tackling Climate Change

COVID-19 is the toughest time for the whole world. It is the global crisis that destroys the economies of the country badly and even the developed countries are unable to cater to the massive destruction caused by the virus. Along with the pandemic we are already passing through another worst global problem i-e climate change. The emission of greenhouse gases has changed the atmosphere of the world and increase the temperature of the world. The increase in temperature caused heat waves and deaths in many countries. But in the past, the decline in climate change has been during the pandemic. It is an unexpected situation for the earth as coronavirus helps nature to heal itself. Pandemic has caused huge destruction for humans but it heals nature. As the depleted ozone layer in Antarctica is filled due to less pollution and emission of greenhouse gases.

Earth under the Global Crisis

In the time of global crisis, there is a lockdown in every city, every country. The flights are banned. Industries are closed. Even the educational institutes are closed. The consumption of oil on a global level drops to the lowest in history. Due to quarantine, life activities are confined to homes. Even traveling for international meetings are closed and conducted through virtual means. A huge reduction has been in the emission of carbon dioxide which is the main factor in the change of climate. Due to economic activities stopped in china the air becomes clean because china is the main contributor of carbon dioxide due to large economic activities. It can be seen that the global level of carbon dioxide emission is dropped. But the risk is still there because when the lockdown ends, there are high economical activities and the temperature will rise in a high percentage. Therefore, serious measures are needed to control the emission of carbon dioxide. But the pandemic will remain helpful in cleaning the air and stopping the high climate change. Coronavirus help to stop the huge climate change.

Future Outlook

The world has changed the living standards and started to start life with the new normal. It is not possible to stop the global economic activities in the long run. Therefore, ease has been in lockdown and economic activities started once again. With the start of normal activities, the flights are opened again, work in industries is resumed and people are turning back to normal life with time. The shift to normal life will not stop the emission of carbon dioxide in the long run. Therefore, the Government from all over the world has initiated projects that are helpful for controlling the atmospheric conditions in the world and are taking proper measures to convert energy. There is a start of a low-carbon economy in the world. In this way, the emission of carbon dioxide is reduced and economic goals will also be attained. A huge investment has been done by the government to control pollution and maintaining the life of the people. It was the chance when people learn that work from home and virtual meetings are fruitful rather than taking long business flights and become a little contribution to global pollution and climate change. If things will work on the proper schedule, success in climate control can be attained. However, Coronavirus helps us to control the global problem of climate change.

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