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Birthdays in Pandemic


Birthdays in Pandemic

Birthdays are always fun. It is a special day in the life of everyone once a year. It’s the day when we feel special and want to celebrate it hard. Under normal conditions, there is a trend that people celebrate birthdays with friends and family, eat food, have parties, and jamming with their loved ones. Some people go for a picnic to celebrate it more innovatively. Everyone has a different style to celebrate the big day of their life. But this year, the gatherings, parties, and picnic were not possible because of the Pandemic and lockdown. People are restricted to their homes and no gathering is allowed. It’s a different situation for everyone as compared to the past years. There is much need to add creativity in celebrating the Birthday while staying at home. I have seen many pictures on the internet in these days’ people celebrating birthdays in quarantine. Everyone comes up with a different idea like someone makes the cake, while the others displayed the poems in the care of their loved ones. I personally always appreciate the idea of celebrating birthdays because it’s a good chance to be happy and to make others happy too.

Concept of Birthday Celebrations

We all celebrate Birthdays but we never asked anyone why they do so. It is a very noticeable point. Everyone has a different reason and perspective of celebrating birthdays. Some people celebrate Birthdays because they love certain trends like, give and take of Birthday cards with love notes, sharing cakes and sweets, and most importantly the amazing trend of giving and receiving gifts. The other concept is everyone gives special attention and importance to the person who is having a birthday. This gesture increases the love and importance of each other. People feel loved. It has amazing health benefits too. It refreshes the mind. Birthday celebrations increase the spirit of living. It is a shared view that everyone living together have a collective life. Birthdays are also a reminder that how many years of life we just passed. It is a motivation, we find a reason to grow up and do something creative. It’s a turning point to make decisions and to be a strong human being.

Birthdays are always Special

Birthdays are the best option to express love and care to your loved ones. It’s the best time to tell your friend or loved one how much you love and care you have for him/her. Your little actions and efforts like cards, love notes, gifts, surprises matters for them. Plan surprises for your friends on a special day. It’s the best time to show the excitement you have for another big day. In a pandemic, people celebrate birthdays virtually by video calling their friends. Some people also hang banners on the street around the home to give surprise and show love and care. Always be creative and don’t let anything comes in your way to stop you. Always go for the alternative plan. Spread love and make others feel special.

Birthdays are also special because in this way we gather people in the community. Few people also celebrate birthdays with short gatherings and follow social distancing. The people also wore gloves and masks and are at a distance apart. You can make a video of the whole group wishing Happy Birthday and send it to the person on the big day. The best way to show care and love. Surprises are also the best way to show love and care. It makes others feel special and vital. Calling on zoom along with friends and family to wish Birthday together is also the best surprise in quarantine.

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