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An Introduction to Climbing


An Introduction to Climbing

Rock climbing is a difficult sport. The sport needs a lot of passion and determination. Rock climbers need to build strong stamina and will power. They need both physical and mental training. Rock climbing is adventurous and cool. Once a person starts climbing rock, it becomes an addiction and there is no turning back. The freedom and adventure are unbeatable. It is a great pleasure and achievement for the climber when he conquers any rock and mountain. Like any other sport, climbing has tremendous benefits. It maintains health and physical fitness. Here is a list of few benefits.

  • The arms and body are strengthened and able to pull the body in the upper position.
  • Climbers have to adopt the specific body positions and have a strong reach at hands and feet. It improves flexibility and agility.
  • A strong grip is needed to hold the rock and move upward. Climbing improves the hand’s grip.
  • When the climber faces towards rock and moves upward, it boosts the leg muscle and makes feet strong.
  • As there is high exertion in climbing, it increases the heart rate and improves cardiovascular fitness.
  • Climbing the rock is a highly focused sport. It refreshes the mind and prevents everyday distractions.
  • It enhances the problem-solving strategy, as climbers face many problems during the climbing and they resolve every problem on their own.
  • Built strong coordination with the other climbers and increase the non-verbal communication abilities.

Climbing is Exciting

Rock climbing is exciting and climbers will never get bored of this. There are a variety of rocks and mountains all around the world and attract climbers. Similarly, there are many routes and ways for climbing the same mountain. This is why it is always exciting. Climbing is not just going up, there are many technicalities and specialties about this sport. Climbing the rock is never a soft option, and not everyone is able to do this. It needs strong motivation, passion, and physical strength. Every climber follows a different strategy, few stick to the safe, bolted routes, and with the good rope set-ups and the others are soloing and they are not faint-hearted. The second type of climbers does not depend on ropes and rely on balanced grip, good shoes, rich knowledge, and strong motivation and passion. Climbing is a dangerous sport. Therefore, it is necessary to get the required instruction before getting started with this. There are certain trainers who offer the proper courses and training for rock climbing. It is necessary for personal safety and mental support.

Climbing Terminologies

At the beginning or introductory phase, there are a few terminologies a climber needs to know.

  1. The first term is Crag which is used to refer to the route. Every crag is not fixed with ropes.
  2. The second term is Rope Systems. The main rope techniques used in climbing are the Single, double, or twin rope system. It is important to know about the lengths and diameters of the rope. The trainer for rock climbing gives guidance on tie knots.
  3. The trainer will tell about the harness which means how to attach different ropes.
  4. Know about the anchors. Anchors have different types such as rope, slings, chockstones, spikes, threads, nuts and friends, bolts and pitons.
  5. Rappelling is a term used to returning back to the steep rock.
  6. The leading term is used for the most experienced person who leads the climbing all through the way. The safety of all the other climbers is based on the leading.

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