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A Travel Guide for China


A Travel Guide for China

The emerging superpower is highest in population around the world. The population of China consists of around 1.3 billion people. Having the most population doesn’t affect the lifestyle of people. China is effectively managing the huge population. Due to improvement and advancement in infrastructure, traveling in the country has become convenient. Therefore, it is becoming a travel destination for many visitors. There are different landscapes in the country that catches the tourist towards them. In China, there is huge diversity. It is loved by all the travelers because the country has beautiful mountains, rivers, landscapes. There are also remarkable reserves found in the country.

Time to Visit China

There is a huge trend of domestic tourism in China. Vacations are given on the National level in which most of the people are out for visiting the different places of the country. If you are traveling from another country to China, then avoid the starting week of February as everyone is out for traveling and transport is over-stretched. From a climate point of view, spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit China. It is the best time for enjoying traveling along with the best view. These seasons are best to visit Beijing and Shanghai because in winters the cities are extremely cold and you cannot enjoy the trip completely.  You can also visit China during the festivals. It is the best time to know about Chinese tradition and culture. Spring Festival, Guanyin’s Birthday are the most celebrated festivals. There are also different festivals held in the country.

Traveling Within Country and Accommodation

Traveling within the country is not so easy. As destinations are at huge distances. But the air network is highly reliable and convenient. One can easily travel by plane and reach its destination within no time. The prices are economic and affordable except on the days of festivals and holidays. Also, the rail network is comfortable for the people due to easy signboards. Another way to travel within the country is buses. It is the easiest way to reach the rural areas of the country. A foreign tourist is not allowed to drive in the country. Therefore, you have to take public transport for traveling within the country. You can rent the cars or maybe a taxi for traveling and personal ease. In common places, you can use cycle. It is fun and also interacts with the locals and creates a bond with them. There is a range of accommodation and multiple options are available. There is continuous improvement in accommodation in China. But still, there is a lack of opportunities in the accommodation in China. Accommodation is never attracting the tourist but also there is a lot of improvement in it with time.

Food and Drink in China

Due to diversity and different cultures among different societies, there is a huge diversity in Chinese food. It varies from region to region and cities to cities. Rice and noodles are dominant in the country and Chinese people love to have rice in their meals. Seafood dishes or hot and sour soup are famous among the east. Street stalls are quite famous in the country and they serve the yummiest food. It attracts the people towards them. Food is always loved by everyone so never missed a chance to try the diverse range of food in China.

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