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A Guide to Stop Kids from Lying Part 2


A Guide to Stop Kids from Lying Part 2

Teach your Kids Difference between Cruel Truth and Honesty

There is a difference between the brutal truth and honesty. Being a Parent you have to make your kid learn about this. For example, complementing some bad “Your Dress is looking Ugly”. It might be correct but it doesn’t seem good complementing someone like this. At some points, it is better to stay quiet rather than hurting someone with the brutal truth. If your words hurt someone, try not to speak and stay quiet.  It is important that kids know about this concept. Tell your kid about different situations. Few examples that will help in better understanding. If your friend gifted something and you didn’t like it then keep your opinion to yourself and be thankful to your friend rather than commenting bad about the gift.

Lies also have Consequences in Few Cases

Every matter has different consequences and there is a different way to respond in that condition. Teach your kid not to lie in any situation to save themselves. But if the truth harms anyone and has negative consequences of the truth then it is better not to speak and stay quiet. Kids know about the nature of parents and their families. If the truth harms them then they will avoid telling their parents. Flexibility is only there in case if the truth makes the situation worse and speaking lies can decrease the trouble.

Don’t set your Kid up to Lie

Lying is a habit and it can only be minimized by practicing the truth. The habit can only be set by practical implication. Give your kids the opportunity to speak the truth with you. Encourage them when they are doing this. This is perfect to develop the good character of your kids. Don’t call your kids liars. It is important to listen to the other side of the story before declaring anything about your kid. Don’t push them aside in life matters rather than create an environment for your kid in which they feel secure and comfortable to speak the truth. Talk gently with your kids as it gives them the courage to speak the truth and behave nicely. It helps them to develop the habit of truth-telling.

Praise your Kids on Speaking Truth

If you got to know that your kid is lying, then try to reverse the condition. Turn his lies into truth.  Find the ways and create opportunities for him to speak the truth. Make him realize that speaking the truth will give him advantages at every point in life. Repeat the cycle so they become habitual of speaking the truth and avoid lies in their life. Even in a difficult situation, praise your kid. Win the trust of your kid so that even after doing wrong they will speak the truth. For example, make your kid confident enough to tell you that they failed a test. Encourage him to study well and get good grades in the next exams. Your positive attitude towards your kid matters a lot. He learns positivity and truthfulness from you. Don’t judge them every time. Give them space to respond to certain situations.

Everyone Make Mistakes

No one is perfect. There is always a chance of mistake. Never expect perfection from your kid and don’t even try to make them perfectionists. Support and guide them so they move accordingly in life. Sometimes, kids lie unintentionally. For such conditions give them some space and give them chance to correct themselves.

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