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A Guide to gain Insights before Traveling to Lisbon


A Guide to gain Insights before Traveling to Lisbon

It is necessary to know about all the significance and drawbacks of any place. If you travel without any plan and knowledge to any country or city, then you will surely have stuck in that place and did not able to enjoy it. Planning and guideline are also favorable in terms that you will able to manage the time and resources. Lisbon is worth visiting the city. The city is a hub of beautiful sights and locations. One must love to visit. But I will suggest a few things to know about Lisbon, here is the guide list.

Learn basic words for Communication

Communication is the only means through which we make others understand the point. It doesn’t mean that you start learning the Portuguese language. Just learn a few essential words for example; hello, thank you, check, please, etc. Mostly people under 30 can easily speak the English language and communicate with you. The local people are nice and good towards the visitors and easily understand their point and effort to speak. Few basics help you to make a good communication relation with locals.

Go for an outing on captivating views

Lisbon has tremendous and breathtaking views. Unlike other cities and countries, the city does not have an Eiffel tower, big monuments, grand squares, and libraries. But have eye captivating views. Find good views instead of sights. There are beautiful landmarks Castelo de Sao Jorge, Miradouro da Graca, Praca do Comercio, and the 25 April Bridge. Along with this view, the other recommendations include the top of the 7th pillar of the 25 April Bridge. To see the unbeatable panorama view of Cais do Ginjal in Cacilhas must-visit Lisbon.

Keep your eyes open

Your safety is far more important than anything else. It doesn’t mean you stop going out and restrict yourself. Keep your eyes open and always look at your surroundings. If you feel any unusual activity, take proper action. Don’t go to Desolate.  Avoid going alone at night time. Pocket pickers and street robbers are everywhere waiting for the perfect time of robbing the others. It is your responsibility to save yourself from such incidents.

Choose your Shoes wisely for Outing

Check the architecture of the Lisbon before going. Pack your shoes accordingly. If you thinking of keeping heels with you, discard the idea immediately. Lisbon is built on steep hills and irregular surfaces.  If you wear uncomfortable shoes or sandals, you will surely get a slip and break your arm or leg as a result. In rainy weather, late winters, and falls there are many cases of injuries are seen in the hospitals. To be on a safer side, also keep waterproof shoes. There is always a chance of flooding in the rainy season, and the city is always facing the hazard of the flood. Despite investing a huge amount to save the locals, still there is risk. To save yourself from falling in trouble keep precautionary measures and pack essentials accordingly.

Walk if you don’t find transport

There are difficulties in traveling on public transport. The cab drivers don’t have so much knowledge about the perfect views. Metro service is available but it is restricted to some specific areas and does not provide facility throughout the city. One reason is the steep architecture of the city. Traveling alone in Cab may cost more. Get a Viva Viagem card, it is valid for train, metro and trams extra. You can use it for a day. Purchasing this card, you can easily go to hills and ferries.

Go for Shopping anytime

The best thing about Lisbon is you can go shopping anytime. Markets are open every time. All the shops and malls are open even on National days except Christmas, January 1, and May 1. If you did not find time at day, you can shop at night easily because the shops and malls are open every time.

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