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A Guide of Food Tips for your Hiking and Camping Trip


A Guide of Food Tips for your Hiking and Camping Trip

Trips are always exciting and refreshing. Because it takes out a person from their daily work routine and helps in refreshing the brain. Working in the same routine makes a person dull and inactive. Trips is the only option left to get mental peace and break. And it’s become even more exciting if you are going on a hiking trip. Hiking is also good for your physical fitness. Hiking trips boost up the muscles and make the body active. But you need a lot of knowledge about your hiking trip. There is a lot of energy drainage from the body during hiking. Only a water bottle or energy drink is not enough. Few things you must know for your food routine during the hiking trip. By following these tips, you can surely have a better experience along with good energy and time.

Make a plan before going

It is obvious that your body needs more food and water than normal. It is based on physical activity and exertion. Because in the hiking the muscles are active than normal and there is a high discharge of nutrients from the body in the form of sweating. The situation is more considerable if you are going in summers. Hiking in summers is tough and the body needs a lot of salts and energy. While packing your food and drinks for summer, pay extra attention to fluids. Consider all the parameters before going and then pack accordingly. Few parameters I will discuss here are. 

  • The length and time of the trip you are going to.
  • What type of food and fluids you need on the trip and also consider the type of drinks?
  • How you will manage your eating and drinking habits throughout the trip.
  • If possible take a cooler with yourself, it will help you a lot.
  • Also keep tools like knife, scissor, spoon, and forks. The choice of tools totally depends on the type of food you are keeping with yourself.

Always stay Hydrated

Water is essential for existing but its consumption on the hiking trip is even more necessary. The only way to survive your hiking trip is to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. It’s the only way to fulfill the need of the body for salts and maintain the blood pressure level of the body. It is also suggested that drink at least 4 glass before hiking so you will carry less water along with you. Make a plan for drinking water and drink after 1 or 2 hours according to the requirement of the body. The other important thing that the water you drinking must be clean and healthy.

 Food for the trip

The food is also very necessary for your survival on the hiking trip. Water is not enough only. Keep the perishable food with you. These are the easiest to carry and you can eat anywhere. Also, keep an icebox with you to save your food and keep that at low temperature. Keep lightweight food along with you on your trip. It is easy to keep with yourself and also easily eatable or digestible. Few recommendations regarding food items include nuts, seeds, and nut-based bars and packets. You can also keep dried veggies and freeze-dried fruits. Readymade and tuna salad pouches. You can also keep biscuits and chocolates with you. It maintains the blood level in the body.

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