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A Guide for Athletes to Survive from Cold and Flu


A Guide for Athletes to Survive from Cold and Flu

Winters are coming. The chances for Flu and cold increases. Athletes practice in an open place and they easily get affected by it. Due to the cold and flu, they missed a lot of practice sessions and training. Athletes do hard training; this is why their immune system of the body weakens. And when they got ill their precious time got wasted and their body takes a lot of time to maintain a pace for the previous practice and performance. It difficult for athlete setback and have to make strategies for a comeback. They have to make strategies to prevent illness and manage the illness. 

Prevention from Cold and Flu

Preventing disease is the best way to save yourself. Hard training makes your body weak. Try hard to restore your body energy. Avoid contracting with people having flu and cold and avoid crowds. By following a few guidelines, you can prevent the illness. 

  1. Strict diet and instant weight loss plans make the body weak. Avoid the diets that weaken the body.
  2. Do minimum contact with ill people and a person having a cold and flu. Meeting with such people increases the chances of illness.
  3. Avoid touching your nose, face, and eyes, and make sure to use sanitizer.
  4. Try not to share the food with the people with runny noses and don’t take other food as well.
  5. Wear suitable clothing when going out. Appropriate clothes save you from cold weather.
  6. Get proper sleep and relax your mind. Don’t stress your body.

Nutritional Supplements 

Nutritional Supplements are necessary for boosting immunity and fulfilling the body’s need for nutrients.

  • The first supplement that an athlete must use is carbohydrate. Ensure an adequate amount of carbohydrates before and after the exertion. Carb up to make your body resilient.
  • Quercetin supplement is best for reducing the chances of illness and make the body strong. Combine the quercetin with fish oil and green tea to experience better results.
  • Probiotics such as lactobacillus reduce the rate of illness in exercise stressed athletes.

Recovery and Return from Illness

Germs are everywhere and you might get sick. No matter how tough you are, the fever and flu make you weak. And the illness has negative outcomes on your training and practice sessions. There are serious outcomes of viral infections including pneumonia. The initial step to protecting yourself from illness is to take a few days’ breaks and rest. Keep in mind that you have to prepare a healthy body and restore its condition to normal. Don’t go for training during illness because it makes your health condition worst. Take your medicine properly recommended by the doctor. Drink soups and other hot fluids as it keeps you warmer. Consult with your doctor if you did not feel any recovery in your health.

Few guidelines you must follow when you recover from illness and get back to work.

  • Don’t start the heavy training instantly rather than do some warm-up and recovery session before proceeding to your training and practice.
  • If you are having neck or shoulder symptoms after exercising, take a break and stop it immediately. 
  • Include waiting day and recovery days in your training routine.
  • Use a mask after getting back to your routine. It protects your respiratory membrane.

If any of the symptoms of illness you have again after illness, stop the exercise and work for your better health.

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