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A Dance Guide for the Beginners


A Dance Guide for the Beginners

The most accessible form of sport. It is fun and the best therapy at the same time. Dance is also highly recommended for people who wanted to lose weight. It is the best type of cardio. Exercise after dancing gives more prominent and effective results. Even the basic dance moves give amazing results. There is no specific costume you need for dancing. Get up even in your pajamas and start dancing. It is highly effective and has amazing health benefits. Dancing on regular basis improves your confidence, regulates the body and you feel enjoyed. There are many types of dance forms that you can learn online or by going to any academy. If you are confident then create your moves and dance form. It will be fun. No matter, the dance form it is, the basics are always the same.

Warm-up phase for the Dancing

Before you properly start dancing, you need to warm up your muscles. Warm-up is important to step either you are doing a pole dance, polka dance, salsa, belly dance, or ballroom. Your performance depends on your body and if your body is well prepared for dance moves, it gives you tremendous benefits. Stretch your body to prepare all the muscles of the body. It improves the flexibility of the body. If your muscles are flexible, then there are almost no chances of getting an injury. An important point to remember here is that never stretch the cold muscles otherwise you will be in trouble. There is no elasticity in cold muscles and there are clear chances of injury in this case. You can do a brisk walk, easy walk, and some simple dance moves for preparing your body.

Dancing Shoes

Like any sport you need accessories and costumes, a specific dance form requires some equipment. When you decided your way and style of dancing, you have to think about the footwear you need for dancing. Footwear is very important because if you are not wearing perfect, comfy, and appropriate shoes, you cannot perform well. Shoes make a remarkable difference in your learning process and performance experience. If you are learning from the instructor, then your instructor will give your proper guidelines and if you are learning online from internet resources then search a little more and gather knowledge for the footwear you need for your dancing form.

Dancing Footwear Recommendation for Men

Let me specify a little more for your ease and comfort.  Few things are necessary when you are buying shoes. The shoes should be lightweight, stylish, and comfortable so you can easily perform the steps. The shoe will fit best on your feet because if they did not fit according to your size, you cannot move around. Wear socks in the shoes for better fitting and comfort. Shoes should not be flat because flat shoes are not so ideal and cause pain in the feet. The ideal height of the shoe is about 2.5 inches. For Latin dance, you can wear the sole about 2 inches. 3cm or higher heel is for the dance forms like tango and flamenco.

Dancing Footwear Recommendation for Women

The specifications for the women’s footwear are described in this section. Thin straps shoes are not recommendable because they did not give a good grip to the foot and there is a chance of injury in such shoes. Women prefer style and fashion but for dance, your priority should be grip and comfort. Closed-toe shoes should be wearing if you are practicing tango otherwise, your partner steps onto your toes. A big no to the heel higher than 3 inches. The ideal height is around 2 to 2.5 inches. Purchase high-quality leather where straps are close together. If your feet shape is narrow avoid wearing wide and open-toe dance shoes.

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