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A Complete Travel Guide of Kenya


A Complete Travel Guide of Kenya

Kenya is the travel destination for many wanderlust and travel lovers. The country is located 600 meters above sea level. Therefore, the place has a great climate with warm days and cool nights. There are far more mosquitoes because coastal areas are hot and steamy year around. The best time to visit Kenya is from June to October as there are fewer tourists and better deals are available for travelers. It is the time when Great migration crosses through Kenya’s Masai Mara which is the greatest wildlife spectacles. Months from March to May and October to December are wetter and then it is appropriate for accommodation. People who want to climb Mount Kenya should prefer to go in drier months. International Flights Network is too good for traveling and with these flights even the remote areas can be accessed. Carjacking is common in the country so it is a bad idea to hire during your trip. However, taxi service is cheap and their services are good for traveling. Also, the busses services are highly convenient and best. Although, traveling during the night time is not safe to discard the idea of night travel. For accessing the offshore island, sailing is a great option.

Food and Drink in Kenya

The food is delicious in Kenya. High end and mid-range are delicious and snacks are also delivered to customers. Homegrown fruits are found in huge amounts in Kenya. The homegrown fruits include mango, pineapple, and passion fruit. The fruits are grown at home so fresh juices also taste great. But vegetarians might face difficulty in Kenya. Because local food is meat-based except the mutton. The traditional way to end the day at Kenyan safari is by drinking Tusker beer. Kenyan’s prefer to drink tea rather than coffee.

Health and Safety in Kenya

To maintain good health hygiene practices, try to drink clean water i-e purified or boiled water. Because diarrhea is common among travelers. Due to the high number of mosquitoes in Kenya, there is a high risk of malaria. It is necessary to take the malaria vaccine before traveling to Kenya. While climbing Mount Kenya, be aware of altitude sickness symptoms. Try to drink a lot of water. And also avoid driving during the night. HIV is also a big and common problem in Kenya. It is necessary to save yourself from HIV and you can do it by following appropriate hygiene practices.

Accommodation in Kenya

There is a complete range of accommodation packages in Kenya from simple to sublime. Anyone with less budget can take its own camp and tent in parks and do adventure. It is because these places have basic living facilities like toilets. However, for the family trip, you can have accommodation in hotels with good packages. If you want to treat yourself then safari lodges are a great option. You can reserve the place for yourself at Kenya’s National Park and have quality cuisine and safari activities. It might sound pricey but it a great option.

Recommendations for Wanderlust in Kenya

  • Go trekking on Mount Kenya. It is the second biggest mountain in Africa. Another good option is Mount Elgon located on the Ugandan border.
  • Cross the ethically mesmerizing badlands of Kenya at the Chalbi desert.
  • Travelers can also dive in the Marine Parks located at Wasini in the south and Watamu in the north.
  • If you are running short of time, then go to Nairobi’s local National Park to see the wildlife. Stay conscious and aware as they are lots of predators in Nairobi. 
  • See the annual wildebeest migration of huge herds of game pour into the Masai Mara. 

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