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A Checklist for Parents when Kids Are Back-to-School


A Checklist for Parents when Kids Are Back-to-School

There is an ease in lockdown in many countries and restrictions are ended to some extent. On new announcements, kids and their parents are all set for going back to the new normal routines. The pandemic is not ended and still many places are highly affected by the spread of coronavirus. Few institutions continued the online education but many schools gear up to continue the physical classes at campuses. It is a tough decision for government officials and parents to send their kids to school. Parents are confused that either their kids stay at home or continue their education. There are many things that are under discussion and debatable. Starting from the mental health of kids to precautionary protocols for the coronavirus. Of course, the cycle of life could not be stopped. Be aware of few things before sending your kids back to school.

Check the rate of Spread of Virus

There are clear chances of transmission of the virus if your kid came into contact with the affected person. The intensity of risk varies from low to high depending upon the situation. If the school or location lies in the hotspot area, then the chances of transmission are high. The risk is more as kids leave the house every day. However, if the situation is under control then your kid is safe and easily goes to school and socialize.

Check the Physical and Mental Health of your Kid

However, children are not at a higher risk of getting infected with the coronavirus. But still, there are huge things to consider when it comes to the health safety of your kid. If the immune system of your kid is not strong then it is better not to send your kid back to school until the coronavirus curve is declined. Also, consider the mental health of your kid seriously. Socialization helps to polish interpersonal skills and lockdown or quarantine has increased anxiety, stress, and fear among kids. Also keep in mind the anxiety of your kid regarding wearing a mask, facing the environment of the school, practicing social distancing, and studies. It is highly essential to consider the impact of all the factors on a kid’s mental and physical health. Another considerable thing is transport. The densely populated transport increases the risk of contracting the virus. Before jumping into public transport, it is necessary to check the social distancing and sanitization policies. Follow the bus which is ensuring the proper protocols.

Check the School Policies and Strategies

Schools have taken good precautionary measures and follow the guidelines provided by the health organizations. Before sending your kid to school, it is important to ask the school management about the arrangements they made for resuming the educational activities. Have the management made proper arrangements for temperature checking and cleaning? Few schools rely on parents to do the home screening while others are doing this at the institution. Wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is the most effective way of saving your kid’s health while going to school. To be on the safer side, many schools are reconstructing the cafeteria and classrooms to ensure corona Sops.  Check the disinfecting policies of the school. Disinfecting the classrooms, furniture, doors and all the area is important to ensure the good health of the kids. Also, check that either school is facilitating the kids by providing soaps and sanitizers. Check their plan for the situation if any teacher or student turns out to be corona positive. Also, it depends on parents that either they are comfortable sending their kids to school. Every family and institution has a separate context and they will respond according to the specific situation.

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