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7 Tips for Disneyland Tour


7 Tips for Disneyland Tour

Power Bank is a Must:

Power Bank is a need of the day. Nowadays, whenever we travel to any tourist destination, we need something to charge the phone’s battery. This is because we take a lot of pictures during our journey. To store all the memories of the trip, and especially a trip to Disneyland, you need a power bank with mammoth storage capacity. When you are clicking and storing pictures frequently, the battery of a phone dies faster. This transcends the need for a power bank. Now Disneyland also offers charging stations but that cost too much. This is why you should have your power bank with you to avert all these issues that may destroy your trip.

Don’t Pay for Water:

It is not prudent to spend money even on water. You can save this little money to spend it somewhere else. You can take your bottle with you and refill it from the hotel, lounge, airports, amenities, and Disneyland. Water is available everywhere in Disneyland and all the above-mentioned places. It is not awkward to refill your bottle from fountains and water purification plants rather it is normal. Therefore, it is advised to save this money to spend on the exciting experiences of Disneyland.

Book Tickets Online:

If you have access to technology, why should not you use it? Before leaving for a trip, it is pertinent to book all your tickets online in advance. This practice will save you from the fuss of being stuck in the long queues. You will have your tickets for amusements and others in advance. You can also avail of multiple offers and discounts on advanced bookings. Who wants to stand in the line and buy expensive tickets when he/she has access to cheap and easy tickets?

Reach Disneyland Early in the Morning:

If you want to explore most of what is in Disneyland, you should go early in the morning to enjoy the maximum rides there. You can also easily click your best shots in the morning when the place is not so much full of crowd. This is a normal routine in the parks and Disneyland that not many people appear in the first few hours of opening.

Go for Shopping after the Closure of Disneyland:

The best time to go shopping is night time. The markets outside Disneyland in the USA remain open for another hour after the closure of Disneyland. You can enjoy your whole day in Disneyland and shop at night. If you go for shopping during the day time, you will be faced with a lot of rush. Moreover, you have to carry your shopping bags with you for the whole day. This is why you should go shopping after the closure of Disneyland and you will find goods at lower rates.

Eating Tips:

There is too much crowd at Disneyland. This is why you would have to eat at a weird time. You can eat at 11 in the morning or 3 in the noon to get rid of standing in the long lines or waiting for the food to be served. At the abovementioned time, there would not be much rush of people and you would eat comfortably without any issue. If you reserve the time in advance, that will also do the deal.

Take a Shot of your Car:

It is very important to take a picture of your car when it is parked. The parking area at Disneyland is colossal and it becomes difficult for the people to find their car when they leave. This is why you should take a picture of your car when you park in the morning. Consequently, you would not find any difficulty in reaching your car when you leave Disneyland.  

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