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7 Easily Prepared Healthy Recipes in No Time


7 Easily Prepared Healthy Recipes in No Time

Managing between the household and office, we all did not find the time to take care of our health by eating healthy foods. When we don’t have anything healthy in the office, we eat hamburgers and pizza in nearby places. This disturbs the health and makes a person unfit. It results in bad health and disturbs the budget too. Also, not every person is a fast food person. To save your health I will suggest a few quick recipes that are easily prepared in no time and also very beneficial for your health. These recipes don’t need expert cooking skills and extra ingredients. It is a quick fix to the problem and life savior.

Fried Meat and Vegetables

The dish maintains a balance between vegetarian and meat lover. The combination never goes wrong. You can add the ratio according to your eating choice. You need simple ingredients i-e meat, vegetables, butter, sauces for stuffing, and spices. Cook or grill the meat in the pan and chop it. Then mix it with vegetables and add the sauce and spices. Yeah! Your meal is ready. Enjoy it.

Cheese Omelet Served with Bread

Quick yummiest Omelet and toast makes the best food. It is a mouthwatering combination. The recipe is quite simple and anyone can do it within 5 minutes. Spent five minutes in the kitchen and get your yummiest food. The ingredients include egg, cheese, onion, tomato, oil, salt, and black pepper. Chop onion and tomato and mix with the egg and fry it in the pan. Eating it with fry bread or plain bread depends on you. It energizes the body.

The Green Salads

If you don’t want to go near to the stove in the morning and want some alternative and easy lunch meal, then salads are a perfect choice. Salads are super easy and don’t need any extra ingredients. The salads depend on your choice. Pick up the veggies of your choice, cut them, and add spices and sour. And the salad is ready. For example, pick up spinach, cucumber and cut them. Add lemon, salt, and pepper and here you go. Pack the meal and enjoy your lunch.

Prepare Juices for Yourself

Juices are such a life savior. They keep you refresh, bring glow on the skin, and keep the body hydrated. They don’t need much effort to be prepared. You can make the juice of apple, pear, parsley, cabbage, and kale. It is up to your choice. Place the ingredients in the mixer, pour in your favorite bottle and your job is done.


Smoothies are prepared with a combination of veggies and fruits and refreshing and healthy for the body. It fulfills the need for body nutrients. Have a smoothie in the morning if you are late and are in rush to go to your office. The yummy ingredients include spirulina, banana, blueberries, and milk. Blend it well and for thicker texture add some ice.

Chicken Mayo Sandwiches

Chicken is loved by almost everyone. Chicken mayo sandwich is the perfect snack to fulfill the hunger needs. The recipe needs simple ingredients. Boil chick and crush it. Add some mayonnaise, cream, black pepper, and salt. Spread it on the milky bread and enjoy it. You can also make it for two and three days and preserve it. Also, add some spinach if you like.

Spicy Noodles

Noodles are a 5-minute recipe. Noodles are loved by people of all age groups. Grab noodles from the market. The process is simple. Boil the noodles until becomes soft. Pour the water. Add chicken vegetables and spice. Mix it well and eat it. You can also eat the plane noodles with only adding the spices.

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