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6 Great Applications that will Increase the Productivity


6 Great Applications that will Increase the Productivity

We are always in the quest to increase our productivity. This is the reason we are always busy in Increasing Productivity can be done to interact with technology more. Working from home becomes so hectic these days. But every problem comes up with a solution, there are so many tricks that will increase your productivity and lowers your burden. Install the amazing applications that help you solve your problem. There are many lifesaving applications that help you accomplish your tasks. Here are the Amazing Applications for Mac.


There are many key points and notes you required during your work. Saving them in your brain is not secure as there is a chance that you might forget the tiny details. Writing in a diary is also not secure. There is a chance of losing the diary. Bear is a wonderful application designed for Mac to take notes. It has amazing features of reminders, a To-do list, and outline concepts for future brainstorming and your virtual meetings. You can make customize styles of notes within it. It also helps you in remembering the context.


The name of the application explains the functionality well. Yeah! The app expands the small text written on it automatically. It helps you creating custom expansion. The text you write in simple language is abbreviated well. It helps you in making a good text. Once you are trained you can do everything on your own. Until then, this application is a life savior and amazing.


Saving data and keeping its backup is difficult. There might be a chance of stealing your data and you lose it due to any reason. It takes a lot of time and effort to recover the files and getting your information back. Hundreds of files are not recoverable. It can be a huge loss for you. To save yourself from this stress and keeping your life more manageable and easy. This application is the best option.  It is automated and necessary for you to work in a better way.


When there is a lot of work stress and pressure you don’t pay attention to organize and manage your menu or main screen. And when you need to find some important file or folder, everything is so messy that you can’t access it. The bartender is a clever application that organizes your menu bar icons. They are also accessible through shortcut keys.


If you are not good at typing and hate to take notes during the meeting and you are not interested in taking notes then no problem, Otter can solve your problem. It has a voice recognition system that works intelligently. It will transcribe the conversation, keep notes during the meetings, and also take some contextual notes. The most amazing of all is that it is free to get started.


We have to deal with PDF documents in bulk every day but we face difficulty in organizing them in our way. And always wish to do it in a more organized way. PDFpen helps you to markup your file in your way. You can edit your document in a more good way. It saves time.

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