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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight


5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Obesity is one of the leading problems every second person is facing. In a struggle to lose weight, many people fail and they question themselves or the diet they are doing. There are many mistakes we do in daily life without even knowing that these things increase obesity rather than helping us to lose weight. Obesity causes many health issues and physical inability. Losing a few pounds of the body helps you to stay healthy and fit. By losing weight, many health issues are automatically resolved. For example, arthritis, inflammation, and joint pain will be gone when you lose weight. Now I am listing down few reasons that stop your body from reducing fat.

Skipping Breakfast

Yes, it is right. Skipping breakfast will not help you with reducing weight. It is the most important meal of the day and by skipping this you will create more mess for your body. When you skip breakfast, your body is starving and you will eat more in the afternoon. It will raise calories abruptly. Researches have shown that breakfast is correlated with obesity. Try to eat rich-fiber and full of protein meals in the morning to gain the energy of the body. It is necessary to eat the food within one hour of waking up. You have toast, egg, yogurt, and smoothie in the breakfast.

Genetics Affect Fitness

It is also a major factor that affects your fitness. There are a few things that you inherit from the family. A slow metabolism can also be inherited from parents and grandparents. And of course, you can’t control natural things. You need to fasten your metabolism for losing weight. For this, you can take medical assistance or eat food that helps in increasing the metabolism of the body.

Gender Helps in Reducing Weight

It might seem weird that gender has a relation with losing weight and the answer is complicated. But researchers find that men can easily lose weight as compared to women. Men can lose their weight from the abdominal area first. While women face huge difficulty in losing weight from the stomach and hips. Being a woman, strap on corsets and consult weight trainers to lose stomach weight. Wear body shapers to tone your body and do exercise regularly. Exercise is highly effective in these parts of the body.

Eating Before going to Bed

Avoid snacking before going to bed. If you have a habit of eating before bed, then you are wasting your time on losing weight. Eating before sleeping makes the process of burning fat difficult. However, evening snacking is good for the body. Try to eat food two to three hours before sleeping. If you eat snacks after having a meal, it will increase the number of calories in the body. If you can’t skip this habit, then consult any nutrition about snacks. And eat something that will digest easily.

Is Stress Increase Obesity

Stress disturbs the whole cycle of the body. The functioning of the body is highly affected due to stress. The stomach will not be able to digest the food properly. Few people have a habit of eating when they are stressed. During stress, they eat junk food, ice creams, and chocolates. These foods contain a high amount of calories and sugar. They contribute a lot to increasing body fat. Before starting to lose weight, work on lowering your stress. Once you are able to manage your stress, the eating habit will control to some extent.  After this, you can lose weight easily. Stress has an injurious effect on the body and brain. If you are dealing with stress, take proper medical consultancy.

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